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About Me

My name's Amelia, I've achieved a myriad of publications in my short career as a poet, you can find my work in various anthologies and magazines both online and in print.
I was inspired to start writing myself after discovering the beat generation of poets, my favourite is undeniably Charles Bukowski, even though that makes me a terrible Feminist! A lot of my work follows the pensive flow of authors such as Sylvia Plath.
I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a Degree in Social Change to become a freelance creative content writer based in Manchester, UK! 

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About My Work

I've worked with hundreds of musicians, designers, writers and all types of amazingly creative people by putting into words just how fantastic they are in a poignant, professional, sometimes sardonically playful manner.

I also work with small businesses looking for expert SEO content to get them noticed by using current, tried and tested methods to increase sales and by increasing their current Google ranking.

I adore working with other writers exploring concepts and ideas and making them come to life through my ghost writing & editing services.

Check out my testimonials from my previous happy customers, I don't like to brag, but someone once said my poetry was like art in their mouth.